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The issues that affect young girls have heart-breaking statistics. Learn why the BeYou campaign matters and join us to help make a difference across Canada.

of all girl say they wish they were SOMEONE ELSE

Source: the Girls' Report. McCreary Center Society

Say they feel pressure from the media TO BE THIN.

Source:"Am i pretty or ugly?" teenage girls ask anonoymous online audience. Lindsay Jolviet, Daily Buzz, October 22,2013

ONLY 14%

of girls in grade 10 say they are SELF CONFIDENT

Source: Healthy settings for young people in Canada.William F. Boyce.Matthew A. King. and Jennifer Roche. Public Health Agency of Canada, 2008. P. 125.

Girls are

More likely than
boys to have a
negative BODY IMAGE

Source: National Mental Health Information Center (US)

of girls in grade 6

are on a DIET

Source: Girls and Body Image. Girl Scouts of the USA, Girl Scout Research Institute.

Girl's self esteem peaks

at the
age of

Source: Canadian Women's Foundation

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