Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs

no-agency_GFGS_stacked_2colourResearch shows that mentoring is an agent of change for young people and that by changing the course of their lives, we can change the future of the entire community. Mentoring can lead to a reduction in poverty and unemployment, to help schools and safer neighborhoods, and to create a new optimism for personal growth that could lead to changes on an even larger scale.

For a century, Big Brothers Big Sisters has made a positive difference in the lives of young people in Canada by creating and implementing a wide range of individualized mentoring programs in schools and communities.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentors are role models. They teach young people the importance of giving and giving back, staying in school and showing respect for their family, peers and the community. Every time the organization pairs a youth program for a group of students, something incredible happens – a relationship based on friendship, trust, autonomy settles, and can change a lifetime.

Big Sisters Big Sisters in the value of mentoring and the values it conveys.